Welcome to Studio Diner

Located in San Diego as one of the many memorable locations.

We hope you have a moment to get to know us, and if you get a chance to come in, try one of our favorites.

Decorated with “behind-the-scenes” movie-making equipment and serving comfort food with an upscale vibe, Studio Diner is fun for the senses. Try our Grip Burger, a half-pound cheeseburger you might have a hard time finishing. (Low-carb dieters will appreciate being able to order their burgers “protein style,” substituting buns for leaves of lettuce.) We feature from the east coast the Lobster Roll and whole belly Ipswich Clams served as an appetizer.

You’ll find all the basics like Burgers, Bacon & Eggs, grilled cheese and Reuben sandwiches, chicken pot pies and plenty for the kids, friends & family with a full range of salads, breakfast, lunch & dinner items.

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About Us

Do the time warp down Ruffin Road and feast your eyes on the neon-lighted Studio Diner.

 It’s an authentic trip back to the ’40s — in the middle of the Kearny Mesa Business District. Wrapped in chrome & Blue neon, the Diner is a welcome roadside stop.

Coincidentally, it’s set on the former lot of Stu Segall Productions, between 1991-2010 San Diego county’s largest working movie and TV studio, (Remember “Veronica Mars, Silk Stalkings, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, Renegade the 2010 crime series “Terriers” (filmed here in Ocean Beach that aired on F/X) and all six MyNetworkTV limited-run serials, including “Fashion House”, “Saints & Sinners” and “Watch Over me”.

Feature films included “Flying By” with Billy Ray Cyrus, Heather Locklear and Patricia Neal, “Bring It On”, Burt Reynolds in “Raven”, Fast Money, Illegal in Blue, and Dead On. Television films include The Dark, Surrender Dorothy, See Arnold Run, Tiger Cruise, and I Married a Monster.

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STUDIO DINER is still closed & will be through 2020

Studio Diner Family!! Where has the time gone?! If you had asked us back in March if we would be entering Fall with our doors still closed? We would have balked at the idea. Yet here we are and trust us when we say, we are not happy about it.

We at Studio Diner have made the very difficult decision to stay closed for the remainder of 2020. While we miss each and every one of you and are itching to be slinging those pancakes again, we just cant justify an opening at this time. With cases yet again rising, closures about to go back in place and flu season right on our heels, we find it most socially and financially responsible to wait until early next year to open. Good news is that is only a few months away! So, while we imagine your patience may be fading and frustrations rising (ours are too!) we are doing everything we can to come back stronger than ever!

We hope you all will be there for our much-anticipated reopening, sometime in the early months of 2021!

Until then, continue to share your favorite memories, your favorite meals and what you most look forward to when we open again!

Stay Safe San Diego. Stay Healthy. Stay Strong. Stay with us while we navigate these difficult times and until we see you again, take care.

We miss you,
The Studio Diner Family